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What is receiving Reiki like?
Imagine leaving your daily cares behind and moving gently into a peaceful state where your inner self has the space and time to make itself heard. Peace and loving care flow to you, soothing the wounds and scars you bear and leaving you with a sense of safety and serenity.

A Reiki session brings a flow of energy which helps you to achieve balance and to heal naturally, in your own time. It leaves you better able to deal with the challenges you face at every level in your life. Reiki is a simple healing process which benefits all of us and can be safely used with other complementary and conventional forms of medicine to help you reach optimum health and happiness.

What problems does Reiki help with?
Reiki assists recovery and balance at every level - physical, mental and emotional.

Reiki is very helpful if you are upset, distressed or depressed. It may help your recovery from distress, upset and depression. For example, if you are suffering from being bullied or dealing with difficult people then Reiki sessions may help you cope better. Reiki works well with other therapies such as counselling and can lead to better progress towards happiness and experiencing joy once again.

Reiki can help promote physical recovery in conditions such as sports injuries, problems resulting from accidents as well as painful diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and sciatica. It brings balanced energy flow which brings us improvements in our wellbeing at all levels.

Reiki encourages you in developing positive personal change such as giving up smoking, reducing your alcohol intake and eating a healthier diet.

Reiki has been used alongside medical treatment to help patients with problems such as heart disease, strokes and cancer.

Reiki complements conventional medical treatment and other therapies and may enhance their effectiveness. Reiki is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment and you should continue to follow medical advice and let your doctor, counsellor or other therapist know that you are receiving Reiki.

What does the treatment involve?
First of all, no clothing is removed during the session. It is a good idea to wear a comfortable outfit to enable you to relax and you may wish to take off your tie, scarf, belt or any large items of jewellery but this is not absolutely necessary.

You can receive Reiki either lying comfortably on a massage couch with cushions and blankets to support you and keep you warm or simply relax in a chair and look out over the garden. You may have the therapist's choice of music but do feel free bring your own - some clients prefer silence. Aromatherapy oils are offered to scent the room and enhance your healing experience, but feel free to decline them if you wish.

The session involves the therapist laying her hands in a series of positions around your head and body - posters in the therapy room show you how and where. If you are uncomfortable with touch then the hands will be held over the different areas, hovering within the aura, or energy body. This makes no difference to the effectiveness of the treatment. Simply say what you would prefer.

Finally, when you come for your first healing session you will be given a short questionnaire to fill in so that the therapist understands what you wish to gain from Reiki. It gives you an opportunity to tell her about you and to make choices about your session - physical touch or working in the energy body, whether you would like music, aromatherapy or crystals to be used. It is also important that the therapist knows about any allergies, sensitivies or serious health problems or mobility difficulties so that she can work with you appropriately and safely.

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Reiki Healing
£35 for first appointment, including consultation. £30 for subsequent appointments - call 07976 610799 or click the email link to book an appointment.

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