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Indian Ayurvedic Facial Treatments - a Bespoke Spa Treatment for Men and Women £35

What is an Ayurvedic Facial Treatment? This is a bespoke treatment designed to rebalance your skin and leave you with a feeling of overall wellbeing. Ayurveda means 'the science of life' and is based on ideas over 5,000 years old. If you enjoy yoga, then this is the perfect treatment for you as it is part of the same philosophy of health and balance.

The face is rich in energy channels or nadis and in marmas, the energy points which are used to bring balance to the person at all levels of mind, body and spirit. This balancing facial treatment works on the subtle energies or prana and uses natural oils with massage to help rejuvenate and tone the face.

As well as being a fully qualified therapist, I am a yoga teacher with a good understanding of the principles of Ayurveda and how it can help us maintain good health and increase wellbeing. I developed this treatment from my knowledge of skincare and Ayurvedic principles, and it is exclusive to me.

How does the Ayurvedic Facial Treatment help me?

The Ayurvedic facial and body marmas are energy points along the nadis, and touching the points will awaken your natural beauty and keep your skin vibrant and healthy. It also makes skin more receptive to nutrients. Facials are so relaxing and beneficial because the area is rich in sensory nerves, and they have important energetic benefits also.

A total of 37 marma points are located on the head, shoulders, face and upper chest area and so a massage of the face is a whole-person treatment in the same way as reflexology, for example.

What products do you use?
Your treatment begins with a consultation and we analyse your dosha, or energetic balance. Massage oils and other facial products are chosen to help balance the doshas - for example, if this is an anti-ageing treatment we are looking at pacifying Vata, which predominates as we grow older.

The same energetic principles work with both men and women, and you will have a choice of oils and blends to suit your needs and tastes.

Your treatment includes:

  • Cleanse and deep cleanse, then a toning product to cool the skin
  • Exfoliation to remove dead skin, using natural ingredients
  • Marma facial massage using your bespoke oil blend
  • A bespoke facial mask will be made up freshly for you
  • You can choose to include healing crystals and gemstones in the treatment

  • Face the World Facial Treatments - £35

    The Face The World ‘Journey’ is a carefully choreographed and timed experience using relaxing music to take you to four amazing places and an Ocean Rain skin drench during the same facial treatment. For each stage of the facial the products, fragrances, choreographed sequences and blissful music have been developed specifically to each represent a different country.

    Suitable for all skin types, Face The World is a fully patented and accredited beauty treatment that focuses on delivering premium, results-driven, cruelty-free and paraben-free nourishment for the skin - as well as a holistic experience designed to pamper the senses and enlighten the soul.

    This is a fantastic blend of high end skincare with holistic massage. The facial itself includes Eastern Facial Massage techniques based on shiatsu, and whilst your massage works you select from a range of mini-treatments including Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Tibetan Hand Massage.

    Love the products? You go home with serum to try out, and you can buy them to use in your regular beauty routine!

    Facial Treatments - Men and Women #01

    Eastern Facial Massage - £25.00

    This is an exclusive massage covering the neck, face and scalp. It is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for both men and women.

    Eastern Facial Massage uses techniques drawn from both Indian and Japanese massage practices and when properly administered it is said to improve one’s beauty, balance ki, or life force to improve overall health and aid the condition of the skin.

    The purpose of Eastern Facial Massage is to work specifically and precisely with the facial meridians and tsubo (acupuncture points) to achieve a balance in the entire facial skin, muscles and internal organs. An Eastern Facial Massage is a stand-alone half-hour therapy. It is said to gently stimulate the nervous system to increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce and prevent wrinkles, repair and balance the condition of the skin, minimize the ageing process, and leave your face looking healthy and feeling great.

    The treatment can be carried out with no products at all, or with oils or a skin cream. If you are wearing makeup, then it will be gently removed before the massage.

    Phone 07976 610799 to book or click the email link.

    Facial Treatments - Men and Women #02

    Aromatherapy Facials - a Bespoke Treatment for Men and Women £30

    Aromatherapy is suitable for men and for women - you will choose your blend of essential oils during the consultation.

    Specialist aromatherapy-based products are used to cleanse, tone, massage, moisturise, exfoliate, deep clean and pamper the skin.

    People of different ages and skin types require different approaches and a full consultation is carried out to decide what you need from your session, and what elements of skincare are needed.

    Appropriate products are then chosen, based on your facial care needs and on your own preferences.

    You may choose between moisturising or clay masks, and a bespoke blend of essential oils is made freshly for you.

    A full facial including mask and massage is an hour.

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