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Eastern Facial Massage

This is a massage therapy course exclusive to London Therapists tutors, and it covers the neck, face and scalp along with the relevant meridians and tsubo points. It is a full day course accredited by the Beauty Guild and Westminster Indemnity for insurance purposes. Eastern Facial Massage uses techniques drawn from Japanese anma and when properly administered it improves one’s beauty, removes toxins from the face and balances ki, or life force, to improve overall health.

The purpose of Eastern Facial Massage is to work specifically and precisely with the facial meridians and tsubo (acupuncture points) to achieve a balance in the entire facial skin, muscles and internal organs. An Eastern Facial Massage is easily incorporated into a massage therapy routine or into a facial treatment, and I also offer it as a stand-alone half-hour therapy. It gently stimulates the nervous system to increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce and prevent wrinkles, repair and balance the condition of the skin, minimize the ageing process, and leave your face looking healthy and feeling great.

This unique massage routine is a good complement to Reiki and to the skills of the beauty or holistic therapist, offering deep relaxation and wonderful benefits for the skin.

An Eastern Facial Massage lasts about 30 minutes.

When you are ready to book, email to arrange your date and pay your deposit to secure your place.

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