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Reiki Training Courses

Dates and Prices for all courses are on the Home Page. If you wish to book and pay for a course please email to confirm your date and arrange to pay your deposit.

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Usui Reiki Ryoho is first of all a way of achieving personal healing and developing your own spirituality. Mindfulness is a natural development from your Reiki practice, and we learn and practise mindful practices and meditation on my courses. Reiki is also a therapy to use with others, and many therapists use Reiki to support themselves in their work too.

I teach in the traditional way, with both day and evening courses. These are my own courses and I have accredited them with the The Complementary Medical Association for membership and insurance purposes. I use my own course materials, supplemented with a range of books and other resources to support your learning. You will receive a full manual produced by me for each level of Reiki. You do your training in a small group, and will receive your certificate on the day after you have completed the required activities for the class. If you wish to use Reiki with clients, you will be able to do gain insurance with your Reiki 2 certificate.

You will learn a range of traditional Japanese as well as western Reiki techniques. They are all contained in your manual.

Anyone can learn Reiki - no special gifts are required, and Reiki 1 is suitable for absolute beginners. After the course, you will go home and work on yourself, friends and family to develop your confidence in using Reiki every day.

The next step is Reiki 2 and when you are ready to come along for this practitioner level you simply book onto a convenient course. This level will introduce you to the use of the Reiki symbols and help you build on your knowledge and abilities as a practitioner so that you can confidently use Reiki with clients.

On completion of your Reiki 2 course, you can insure online with Westminster Indemnity . You receive your Reiki 2 certificate on the day. My courses are also recognised for insurance and membership by the The Complementary Medical Association.

Students with special needs and physical challenges are most welcome to learn Reiki. Explain what support you need and I will work with you in the best way I can to help you become a Reiki healer.

Reiki Courses - All levels. Japanese temple steps

Reiki 1 for Beginners, a one-day course

We explore what Reiki is, and learn about the background and history of Reiki. You will learn about the life of Dr Usui, the founder, and how Reiki made the journey from Japan to western countries thanks to the work of Dr Hayashi and Mrs Takata.

The first step in your practical learning is to work on your own healing needs and develop tools to use daily at home.

The Reiki standard hand positions for treating yourself and others are demonstrated and practised until you are confident with them.

We will connect to Reiki together and learn techniques such as hatsurei ho, gassho and the 'Reiki shower'.

During the course you will receive several Reiki empowerments and attunements and will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings.

We will learn and practise some simple meditation techniques and examine what mindfulness is and how it develops from regular Reiki self-healing.

The course is accredited with The Complementary Medical Association and I have written my own course manual, supplemented with books and other materials during the course. Your manual contains full details of everything we cover on the day, so you will be able to practise at home. The CMA accreditation was gained in recognition that it is an original course delivered to a good standard.

You will need to take Reiki 2 in order to practise Reiki on the public. The first level is suitable for working on your own healing and spiritual development, and on your friends and family.

Reiki Courses - All levels. chakras

Reiki 2 for Practitioners, a one-day course

Reiki 2 empowers you to develop you as a Reiki Practitioner, confident in treating yourself and others with and without using the three Usui Reiki symbols.

We focus on the Reiki Symbols and the different levels of energy or ki that they represent - physical/earthly, mental/emotional/heavenly and energetic connections. We learn how to make or sign the three Reiki symbols, along with their meanings and significance. We do some short meditation on each symbol and examine how we feel about it when we use it.

We work on feeling Byosen, the movement of energy in the meridians, and practise treating intuitively as well as with the hand positions. You will complete the course with a much deeper understanding of Reiki, confident in your own intuition and able to offer healing sessions to others.

During the Reiki training course you will receive several empowerments (reiju) and western attunements at level 2 and there will be time to share your experiences and feelings about Reiki.

Topics covered on the course will include:

  • a background to Japanese medicine theory (meridians, tsubos, the different levels of ki and their functions in the person and nature, the five elements, and the 24-hour cycle of ki through the meridians)
  • revision of the hand positions for self-treatment and for treating others
  • delivering Reiki intuitively using byosen (sensing the movement of energy)
  • distance healing techniques for others and healing the distant self (e.g. past life issues you wish to resolve or moving forward in a difficult situation)
  • visualisation and meditation
  • making a crystal grid and using it for distance healing and other purposes
  • Japanese Reiki techniques such as Ketsueki Kokan

    Throughout the course the emphasis is on developing your sensitivity to the energies of the symbols and developing your skills in balancing the energy flow to achieve optimum health for yourself and others. You will receive your certificate on the day, ready to insure as a practitioner of Reiki - options include joining The Complementary Medical Association or insuring direct with a broker like Westminster Indemnity , and you will be able to do this online straight after the course. Your certificate will be given to you on the day when you have completed the course.

    I teach the course using my own course materials supplemented by books and other material to enrich your learning. You receive a full manual containing all the information and techniques learned on the course. The course is accredited with the The Complementary Medical Association which recognises it is original and of a good standard.

    When you are ready to book your course, email us to confirm we have a place, and arrange to pay your deposit for the course.

  • Reiki Courses - All levels. red rose in gentle hands

    Reiki 3, Master/Teacher Level

    Reiki Master/Teacher training is arranged on a one to one basis . This level is a two-day course with support afterwards from me whenever you ask for it. You will have completed Reiki 1 and 2 with me or another teacher, and you will have a year's experience of using Reiki following your level 2 training.

    During your Master level training, you will learn to use the energies and symbols of the Master level along with several exciting new healing techniques. We will work on listening to your higher self and trusting what you hear. This level is a powerful personal journey focussed on your growth with Reiki.

    Master level is also about learning to teach Reiki and time is spent upon planning and presenting Reiki classes for Reiki 1 and 2. You will be given plenty of information about where to find teaching resources.

    When you have finished your training you will need to gain insurance which includes a teaching extension. The Complementary Medical Association, Professional Ethical Practitioners and Westminster Indemnity can all help you here. You get your Reiki Master/Teacher certificate on completion of your training and can insure online straight away - so you are ready to start planning your first course!

    If you have no teaching experience, then you are strongly recommended to take the Award in Education and Training. The AET is done online and you can do your teaching practice either in person or via video link. Having a recognised teaching qualification for adults shows your professionalism and it is useful if you want to teach in the local authority adult education sector. We can arrange for you to take the AET via an external provider.

    Decided you want to do a Master/Teacher course? Email for more information or to book your place.

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