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Holistic Facial Treatments (2 days, Beauty Guild accredited)

This is not a standard 'level 2 facials course' - I wrote it from a holistic perspective, and the emphasis throughout is on giving a facial to bring about wellbeing using natural products and balancing massage techniques. You will learn what cosmetics really are, how they work, and what ingredients are key to working naturally to improve and maintain healthy skin. Facial treatments are suitable for men and women.

The Holistic Facial Treatments course is suitable both for beginners and for trained beauty therapists looking to refresh or extend their skills. There are no pre-requisites and A&P is not needed as the information you need is covered on the course. Prices and dates for the course are on the @06.

This is a professional course, recognised by the Westminster Indemnity and by the Beauty Guild so you will be able to gain insurance to practise. The Guild have awarded the course 21 CPD points and they have accredited it as Spa Facial Therapy. You can also insure direct online with the Beauty Guild . The course is suitable both for beginners and for trained beauty therapists looking to refresh or extend their skills. There are no pre-requisites and A&P is not needed. Prices and dates for the course are on the Home Page.

Facial Treatments are the basis of beauty training and this is the ultimate facials course! Facials are one of the most frequently requested salon treatments and this course will teach you to provide expert skin treatment with a holistic focus!

This course is two full days of training and includes both the classic skills of the cosmetic facial and a holistic approach to give you the edge over other therapists and salons in your area:

  • Hygiene, health and safety
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Equipment required to give Holistic Facial Treatments
  • Consultation and treatment record
  • Contra-indications to treatment
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Stages of a Facial Treatment
  • Products used in a Facial Treatment.
  • Designing and Branding your Holistic Facial Treatments
  • Making and Using Facial Masks and Exfoliating Products
  • Holistic Facial Massage –Classic Facial Massage, Indian Ayurveda Facial Massage
  • Massage Oils for Facials
  • Using Hand Massage in Holistic Facial Treatments
  • Aftercare

    Spa-style facial massage skills along with the knowledge needed to source and use specialist Thai, organic, aromatherapy and other luxury products will help you design and market your treatments. Skills such as making your own masks and scrubs enable you to tailor your facials to suit individual client needs. Giving Hand Massages whilst the mask works its magic will really make your Holistic Facial Treatments stand out!

    The course is not brand specific - you will use at least two different brands to gain experience with different products. This means you will be able to select the range that is right for your own use with confidence.

    Prices and dates for the course are on the @06. When you are ready to book, email to confirm there is a place available and pay your deposit.

  • Facial Treatments Courses. guild logo

    Classic Facial Treatments Course (one day, Beauty Guild accredited)

    With such an extensive range of skin-care products available on the High Street, why do clients need to come for professional facial treatments?

    The answer is simple – the choice of proucts is bewildering and clients need advice on what products will suit their skin and sort out any issues they have with blemishes, dry patches or an oily T-zone. A professional facial treatment is an enjoyable way to relax, the client will benefit from the skills and knowledge you will learn on this course and be able to select and use her products in the most efficient and economical way.

    Salon facials also allow the client to benefit from specialist treatments and equipment such as steaming, exfoliation and massage. Facial massage, which is deeply relaxing as well as bringing valuable nutrients to the skin as we use natural oils. Therapists can include specialist options such as aromatherapy products and pharmaceutical level skincare products for skin problems. On this course you will learn how to carry out a full cosmetic facial, make and use different types of mask to remove impurities and condition the skin, and you will learn and carry out a full facial massage.

    We use a vegan range of products on the course, with great natural benefits!

    On this course you will learn:

  • Relevant anatomy & physiology
  • Products and equipment required for a treatment
  • Benefits of facial treatments
  • Contraindications to facial treatments
  • Client consultation and skin types
  • Choosing appropriate products for your client
  • How to source skincare ranges and salon supplies for your business
  • The full facials routine - double cleanse, tone, steaming, mask, massage, moisturising, using specialist serums for neck and eye areas
  • Advising on aftercare and home skincare routine

    The course is recognised for membership and insurance by Westminster Indemnity and the Beauty Guild . If you are already a therapist you may be able to add it to your existing policy but do check as policies offered by some professional bodies will only cover courses run by their own members for commercial reasons.

    When you are ready to book, email to arrange your place and pay your deposit to secure it.

  • Facial Treatments Courses. buddha head

    Ayurvedic Indian Facial Treatments (Beauty Guild accredited for existing therapists, insurable for all)

    The face is rich in energy channels or nadis and in marmas, the energy points which are used to bring balance to the person at all levels of mind, body and spirit. This balancing facial treatment works on the subtle energies or prana and uses natural oils with massage to help rejuvenate and tone the face.

    This is a course for therapists who are interested in offering holistic and holistic beauty treatments, either as part of a holistic therapy practice or in their beauty salon.

    I am a yoga teacher with a good understanding of the principles of Ayurveda and how it can help us maintain good health and increase wellbeing. You benefit from my skills as both a therapist and yoga specialist and will learn to develop facial treatments which your clients will enjoy and come back for time and again.

    Learning about the marmas of the face means that you can offer a facial treatment with whole-person benefits using your choice of natural products and gentle massage. When we work on the face we need to first clean off makeup and the grime of the day before using a suitable oil or cream to give the massage. If you are a beauty therapist, you can use Ayurvedic Facial Massage as part of your facials - be creative with your skills, and offer unique experiences for your clients.

    This treatment is suitable for both men and women. Products are chosen to help all types of skin, from dry and ageing to rosacea and acne.

    The Ayurvedic facial and body marmas are energy points along the nadis, and touching the points will awaken your natural beauty and keep your skin vibrant and healthy. It also makes skin more receptive to nutrients. Facials are so relaxing and beneficial because the area is rich in sensory nerves, and they have important energetic benefits also. A total of 37 marma points are located on the head, shoulders, face and upper chest area and so a massage of the face is a whole-person treatment in the same way as reflexology, for example. For experienced therapists, marma treatment is often intuitive but students need a routine to learn and practice so that they build confidence. Later on in your work with marma therapy, you will develop intuition and deliver unique treatments for each client.

    Oils are chosen to meet the client’s doshas and so if this is an anti-ageing treatment we are looking at pacifying Vata. Where the client has spots, blackheads, and oily skin then kapha is the dominant dosha and needs to be balanced but red, troubled skin (e.g. rosacea) would indicate the need to pacify Pitta.

    The course includes

    Full facial treatment routine - cleanse, tone, mask, massage, moisturise
    Routine for working on the facial marmas
    Facial massage routine
    Theory of Ayurveda
    Using crystals and gemstones in the treatment
    The use of oils in Ayurveda
    Making facial masks

    The course is accredited for membership and insurance by Westminster Indemnity for all students as well as with the Beauty Guild * for beauty therapists. If you are already a therapist, then do check with your own insurer as they may be able to include it on your existing policy. When you are ready to book go along to @08 and look for the drop down box labelled Facial Massage and Facial Treatments Courses. Check for dates first.

    *The Guild require you to have a facials qualification before you do this course. They have given it 14 CPD points for member therapists.

    Westminster Indemnity will insure you without a facials qualification.

    Facial Treatments for Men

    Anti-ageing and dealing with blemishes or oily skin is important for men, both in their business lives where they need to look slick and ready to work and in their private lives where they want to look their best for their partner on a night out. Men benefit from facial treatments delivered to suit their needs and we can promote the benefits of healthy, blemish-free skin, anti-ageing products and of course relaxation.

    The course covers:
    Relevant anatomy & physiology, skin analysis, facial hair, treatment techniques for men
    Health, hygiene and safety
    Consultation procedures
    Benefits and contraindications of facial treatments for men
    Products and equipment required
    How to give a men’s facial - Deep & superficial cleansing, hot towels and steaming,toning, facial massage,masks and how to apply them for men, moisturising
    Aftercare following a facial treatment
    How to market facial treatments, add-on services such as eyebrow shaping, mineral makeup etc

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