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Aromatherapy - 3 days of blending, massage and product making

Our Aromatherapy Massage course is accredited by Westminster Indemnity for insurance purposes. If you add on the Guild's Anatomy & Physiology training (available through us) you can also join the the Guild of Beauty Therapists/Guild of Holistic Therapists for membership and insurance purposes. You can always shop around with other insurance providers for the best deal too.

This is a comprehensive training in aromatherapy and it includes five important elements:

  • Information about essential oils, including essential oil chemistry and the skill of researching new oils for use in treatments and evaluating them
  • Information about carrier oils for different skin types and treatments. You will learn how to combine carrier oils to make unique blends to suit client needs
  • Blending carrier and essential oils into a beautiful, synergistic massage oil to suit the client’s skin, mood and any other issues they have brought out in their consultation with you
  • Adding essential oils to ready made base products (lotions, creams etc) to give client treatments
  • Giving the client a relaxing full body massage which is designed to work the oils or other products into the skin, relax and ease tension

    We don't use pre-blended oils on this course. It is a proper old-fashioned aromatherapy training which combines anatomy & physiology, full body massage and the blending and use of essential oils and carrier oils.

    We spend time on learning about carrier oils because they have their own healing qualities as well as nourishing the skin. A good aromatherapy training involves an understanding of how to make a blend which will complement the essential oils chosen, and work well in a massage treatment. There are dozens of carrier oils including old favourites such as almond and coconut as well as precious and rare ones like camellia and moringa, each with their own special gifts to help the therapist produce a perfect treatment. You will work with a selection of these beautiful oils, as well as with essential oils.

    Aromatherapy is used in skin care as well as in body massage. Essential oils can be used to help acne, rosacea, ageing skin, dry and sensitive skin as well as over oily skin. Carrier oils are not the only medium for massage and students will explore balms, creams and gels in order to gain versatility in their approach to aromatherapy, especially if they want to specialise in facial massage.

    Aromatherapy has a subtle energetic quality as well as being helpful for various physical and mental conditions such as stress, skin irritation, aching muscles and many others. The essential oils are extracted from plants, which are living things with a vital energy of their own. This means that the oils work with the energetic vibration of the chakras and so may be used energetically to achieve healing and balance at this level. This is a rewarding area to explore, and leads the student aromatherapist in a new direction.

    The Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner Diploma is a blended learning course - you have three intensive training days and you will also receive our Core Manual which covers health and safety information and other theory topics included in your final assessment.

    This course is exclusive to Reiki Energy and Yorkshire Massage & Beauty Courses. I have taught it for a number of years, and have happy students in practice in the UK and overseas.

    At the end of the practical course you will carry out a full aromatherapy session - client consultation, making a suitable blend and giving a massage treatment. There is a short written test based on the information in your course notes.

    This course is an Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner’s Diploma Course, and is designed for those who wish to become professional aromatherapy massage therapists. After being awarded this Diploma, students will be able to obtain insurance to practice Aromatherapy Massage professionally. You may also be able to add your training to your existing policy but check with your provider before booking. You should also check with your local authority whether they have any rules about working from home, mobile therapists etc.

  • Aromatherapy for Beauty Treatments Course

    This course will suit beauty therapists wanting to add aromatherapy facials or aromatherapy-based spa treatments to their client options. This course will bring you the understanding you need of the art of aromatherapy and how to blend oils for different purposes.

    The course also covers the use of aromatherapy in manicure, pedicure and treatments such as waxing - think about aromatic foot soaks, scrubs, balms, massage blends and soothing after-waxing treatments!

    You will learn how to blend essential oils along with the qualities of a wide range of essential oils suitable for skincare. Carrier oils such as almond, rosehip, camellia and peach are just as important as the essential oil blend and you will learn how to blend and use the carrier or fixed oils in beauty treatments.

    Other base products are used on the course, including natural cleanser and moisturiser as well as handwash, lotions, balms and creams.

    You will learn to tailor base products with essential oils and other ingredients to meet the specific facial care needs for your clients. You will use flower waters or hydrolats in your treatments, and explore herbal oils and their use in facials, head massage and other treatments.

    During the course, you will learn how to offer clients relaxing and energising Aromatherapy Facial Treatments, using natural base products, carrier oils, flower waters, herbs and essential oils which you have combined to give them a unique experience. You will also learn to give a hand and foot massage to offer your client whilst the facial mask is working its magic. The course includes:

    •Hygiene, health and safety
    •Relevant anatomy and physiology
    •Products and equipment required
    •Consultation procedures
    •Contraindications to treatment
    •Benefits of aromatherapy in beauty treatments
    •History of aromatherapy
    •Characteristics and uses of carrier and essential oils
    •Blending carrier and essential oils to suit client needs
    •Using base products, flower waters and herbal oils in treatments
    •Making your own natural facial masks and scrubs, foot and handwash, soaks and scrubs
    •Holistic Aromatherapy Facial Treatments sequence
    •Aromatherapy Facial Massage
    •Hand and foot massage techniques using aromatherapy blends
    •Client aftercare
    •Test of knowledge
    •Blending test
    •Practical assessment

    Accredited for membership and insurance purposes by - you can also insure direct with our brokers Westminster Indemnity. If you are already a therapist then check with your own insurer as they may add the course to your existing cover.

    Prices and dates are on the Home Page. When you are ready to book, email to confirm we have a place, then go to Booking your Course and Getting Insurance where you will find a drop down options box labelled Aromatherapy for Beauty Therapists. You are looking for the option called 'Aromatherapy for Beauty Treatments'.

    If you wish to do full body massage with aromatherapy, then we offer a 3-day course in Aromatherapy Massage which includes blending your own carrier and essential oils. If you already have A&P you do not need to repeat it but we offer an option which includes and online A&P course for students who don't yet have it.

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