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Train in Spain! (Accommodation options available)

Courses in Spain are run for one to one students, couples or small groups in Grazalema, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain (officially placed in the category Los Pueblos Mas Bonitos de Espana – this is a prestigious group of villages of special historical, cultural and architectural interest across Spain).

Accommodation can be booked in our two-bedroomed self-contained flat and students arrange their training and accommodation to fit in with their travel dates. We live in the main house, so we are available to meet and greet you and deal with any queries you may have. The house is an 18th century ‘casa senorial’ and is considered to be one of the treasures of Grazalema – your visit is a cultural experience in its own right, with period accommodation in a real Spanish village, which is friendly and welcoming to visitors.

There is a lively cultural life in Grazalema with religious processions, fiestas and other events held regularly. The village has facilities such as banks, a post office, a medical centre, shops, art galleries, a spa and a good range of bars and restaurants. There is a bus service to and from Malaga.

PLEASE NOTE – if you book two or more courses together, you get a 10% discount on the lower priced course(s) booked! If you book with a friend or small group, then one place is charged at full price and the remaining places are discounted by 10%.

If you are a returning student, you will always receive a 10% discount on any bookings.

Courses are priced in sterling and if you pay in euros then we use the exchange rate in force at the time you book and pay for your course. Payments can be made in sterling or in euros.

Our courses are all accredited and insurable with UK professional organisations and insurers so they are suitable for professional practice in the UK. Our accrediting bodies are the Beauty Guild who have members throughout the UK and Spain and Professional Ethical Practitioners.

Insurance is available for therapists with UK qualifications who are working in Spain and Balens are an established provider who have insured some of our students on an individual basis.

Students who want to learn for personal interest are welcome - massage and beauty therapies are great for sharing with friends and family. Look at our range of ‘friends and family’ and couples massage courses.

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Courses Available and Timetables

Please do be aware that it is normal to take a break during the hot part of the day (with the main meal locally being lunch) and so the course timetable is as follows:

One day courses are from 9.30am to 1.30pm and then 5pm to 7pm (this is a full day’s timetable)
Half day courses are from 9.30am to 1.30pm (this is a half-day timetable)

For some courses you can decide whether you want to do full or half days - e.g., Holistic Massage is EITHER two full days OR four half days - let me know on booking which you would prefer to do.

The full day timetable gives you plenty of time to explore our wonderful restaurants or cook for yourself. The village has several food shops, including organic foods. Try local payoyo cheese made in the village, or one of the wide choice of pork products produced in the region – there is local wine and olive and sunflower oil too, and the shops sell locally grown fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs. The village has its own bakeries and patisseries with a wide selection of breads, cakes, biscuits and other goodies! Cadiz is an important agricultural area with its own distinctive style of cooking.

Courses Offered and their Duration

  • Reiki 1 - Two half days OR one full day
  • Reiki 2 - Two half days OR one full day
  • Crystal Therapy - One full day or two mornings

  • Holistic Massage - Two full days
  • Aromatherapy Massage - Three full days
  • Ayurveda Body Massage - Two full days
  • Foot Reflexology - Two full days
  • Hand Reflexology - Two full days
  • Foot and Hand Reflexology - Three full days
  • Deep Tissue Massage - Two half days (mornings) OR one full day (prior body massage training including A&P is required)
  • Pregnancy Massage - Two half days (mornings) OR one full day (prior body massage training including A&P is required)
  • Hot Stone Massage - Two half days (mornings) OR one full day (A&P is required)
  • Hot Stone and Gem Reflexology - Two full days (prior reflexology training including A&P required)

    If you wish to join the UK organisation the Beauty Guild or insure for any full body massage therapy with them, you will need to do their online Anatomy & Physiology course - we can arrange this for you. If you wish to insure direct with a broker, then students have used Westminster Indemnity in the UK. Balens insure therapists in Spain who have taken practical training courses.

    The following four courses make up our 'Holistic Pro' package - booked together they are an excellent offer but they are all fantastic just on their own!
  • Indian Head Massage - One full day or two mornings
  • Thai Foot Massage (NO Thai Foot Stick) - One full day or two mornings
  • Eastern Facial Massage (meridian massage with tsubo points and manual massage techniques) - One full day or two mornings
  • Japanese Hand Massage - One full day or two mornings

  • Indian Head Massage Advanced - Two full days OR three half days (mornings) - learn more IHM techniques, all about oils and an introduction to Ayurveda!
  • Thai Foot Reflex Massage Advanced (with Thai Foot Massage Stick) - Two full days OR three half days (mornings)

  • Foot Reflexology (Western) Two full days OR three half days (mornings)
  • Indian Ayurveda Facial Massage One full day OR two half days (mornings) - introduction to Ayurveda, use nadis and marma points

  • Manicure & Pedicure - one full day or two half days (mornings)
  • Gel Manicure (can be booked by beginners) - one full day or two half days (mornings)
  • Spa Manicure - One full day - learn to use Thai Herbal Compress Massage, and how to deliver a bespoke luxury treatment
  • Spa Pedicure - One full day - learn Hot Stone Massage for the feet, and design bespoke luxe treatments
  • Basic Facial Treatments - One full day
  • Spa Facial Treatments - Two full days or three mornings - learn a range of facial massage techniques, make your own face masks, blend your own carrier oils and create a bespoke treatment to suit your client's facial care needs.
  • Waxing - One full day (covers full leg, bikini line, arms, underarm, facial waxing and uses cartridge, strip wax and hot wax as appropriate). We do NOT offer intimate waxing.

  • Courses in Spain . Face the World CD cover

    Face the World

    I am a tutor for Face the World and I am excited about being the first tutor to offer their training and products in Spain!

    Face the World are an award-winning holistic beauty company, specialising in a patented Signature Facial and natural skin care products. Their facial treatment combines the effects of music therapy, touch, aromatherapy and skin rejuvenation via a blissful, multi-sensory journey around the world.

    The treatment is a full facial using exclusive products formulated with beautiful natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera enriched with exotic aromas which evoke the different countries the ingredients come from.

    Face the World treatments are accompanied by a special soundtrack of therapeutic music which is unique to the company, adding an extra sensory experience.

    The facial treatment includes Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage to balance the whole person and rejuvenate the skin. Then whilst the client relaxes with a soothing face mask, the therapist offers a choice of Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage or Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage to deepen the experience of touch and offer an added relaxing holistic element to the facial.

    As a Face the World tutor, I offer:

    Face the World Basic Facial Massage Course
    Face the World Combined Basic and Signature Facial
    Face the World Signature Facial Training (for therapists with facial treatments experience). This is the flagship of the company, and you learn the full facial treatment to music, including Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage to use during the treatment.
    Face the World half-day courses in Eastern Acu-Pressure Facial Massage, Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot Massage and Tibetan Hand/Arm Massage.

    Contact me for details of how to book your @FTW training and be one of the first people in Spain to offer these exclusive natural products and unique treatments!

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    Course pre-requisites

    There are no pre-requisites for any of our beginner courses. However, we do ask for prior therapy training, massage training and/or theory training for some of our more advanced courses.

    If you need to do an Anatomy & Physiology course we can arrange for you to do the the Beauty Guild online course which is continuously assessed. This plus our own Holistic, Aromatherapy or Ayuveda Massage courses is enough for advanced massage training.

    Pregnancy Massage – Anatomy & Physiology plus body massage required
    Maternity Reflexology – prior Reflexology training plus A&P required (or a Reflexology course which included A&P)
    Deep Tissue Massage - prior body massage training plus Anatomy & Physiology
    Hot Stone Massage - Anatomy & Physiology required
    Hot Stone & Gem Reflexology - prior reflexology training plus Anatomy & Physiology required
    Reiki 2 – a Reiki 1 level training is required, either with me or with another teacher

    Students will need to arrange their travel to Spain. The nearest airport to Grazalema is Malaga, and the village is about an hour’s drive by car.

    Yoga in Spain!

    On holiday in Spain? Doing a course with me? Live in Spain and you want to do yoga regularly? I offer Dru Yoga classes, yoga for back care, and pre and post-natal yoga.

    Yoga teachers traditionally worked with students on an individual basis or taught small groups of friends. Learn the authentic way and benefit from continuity and focus on your progress in your yoga classes! Students who may be interested in one to one or small group classes include people who:

    •have tight, varying schedules who need to vary their class time

    •want weekend classes

    •are on holiday in Spain!

    •have health issues or mobility challenges - Dru is a style which can be modified to suit all students

    •dislike large, fitness-style gym classes

    •need gentle classes post surgery, illness or post natally to help them gain fitness, flexibility and stamina

    •have respiratory challenges and want to gain control of their breathing and improve their level of fitness

    •would like to do a class with their partner or friends and support one another!

    I charge 50 euros per hour for one to one classes AND for small groups of friends (up to four). You will receive a handout after each class, giving you information about what we have done in class and how to practise at home. And any other tips and bits I think will be helpful depending on the season and the weather!

    For more information about my yoga classes in Spain and the courses and workshops I offer there go along to @15

    Accommodation for Students and their Families

    We offer accommodation to students and their families in our self-contained two-bedroomed flat, which forms the top floor of the building where you will train. The flat has its own roof terrace with beautiful views over the mountains, and a private entrance through the patio. The house is an 18th century building, and so please be aware that it has uneven floors, odd sized door openings, etc. and it may not be suitable for people with mobility challenges. Contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help!

    If you are arriving late, travelling by air or just want a soft landing, then you can ask us to provide you with a starter pack of ‘breakfast’ essentials including bottled drinking water, tea/coffee, milk, bread, butter, jam/marmalade, cereals, cheese and seasonal fruit or salad. Let us know any special requirements (vegan/vegetarian, gluten free etc.) – what we provide will depend on local availability and the season, and the price will vary a little. We provide receipts, and you reimburse us when you arrive and get settled in!

    The price of the flat is as follows:

    One week (7 nights):

    High Season (May to October inclusive) - 600 euros

    Low Season (November to April inclusive) - 400 euros

    You may want to stay a night or two extra after your course, or for a shorter period than a full week. The pro-rata rates are:

    High Season (May to October inclusive) - 100 euros
    Low Season (November to April inclusive) - 70 euros

    As well as booking your own flights and transfers from Malaga, remember to think about travel insurance!

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    What Next?

    You've seen a course (or courses) you want to do, so here's how to go about sorting out your trip!

    First of all, you need to arrange flights and transfers so shop around for deals and choose your travel times carefully. (You might be coming to Spain by ferry, but do think about the drive time from the ferry ports down to Cadiz.)
    Malaga airport has hire car arrangements but it's advisable to book online so all you have to do is collect your car.
    There are also buses from Malaga to Grazalema.

    Once you have a good idea of your flights and transfer arrangements, contact us to arrange your course dates and accommodation to fit around them.

    We will quote you a price to include your course fee and accommodation - if you are happy, we will then arrange how you will pay. Options include Paypal or payment to a bank account and payments can be made in euros or sterling. If you book well in advance, we can accept instalments for many courses. You will pay the final instalment at least two weeks before the date of your arrival.

    Let us know when you book whether you want a 'starter pack' of locally available breakfast items - we've travelled a lot, and it can be a real boon to have a cup of tea and some toast available when you arrive, or as soon as you wake up in the morning! We will shop in the village and keep receipts for you to reimburse us! Remember to tell us if you have special requirements (vegan/veggie, gluten free etc.). We will do our best within the limits of what is on offer locally.

    If you do arrive late, have problems with flight arrangements, get stuck at the airport or are just in a panic, then phone or text and we will do what we can to help. We are bilingual English and Spanish speakers (and we speak French too).

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