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Mindful Crafting

Everyone claims to be promoting mindfulness these days! Crafting is fast becoming the popular way of achieving mindfulness. It involves beautiful materials, you have to focus on it, it's repetitive so calming and best of all you have something nice and usable or wearable to show for it.

Reiki has got in on the act, and the triangle of Reiki, mindfulness and craft is a strong natural shape. Colleen Benelli has been running her Reiki Lifestyle project in the States for many years, and has an awe-inspiring website with some lovely ideas you can download and try for yourself. She has inspired me to look at and practise my crafts in a different way. From knitting wraps to keep client and healer warm, jewellery making to keep a memory safe, pouring beeswax candles (which you can use in your Reiki Burning Bowl ceremony), crafting goat milk soap made with loving intentions and journalling (including paper making and producing your own special book) there is a myriad of ideas to focus on Reiki and fashion useful and beautiful things with intention.

It is all part of living with more thought, making our own things by hand, living slowly and savouring the things we do and own.

Mindfulness is Reiki and Reiki is mindful, and it is good to explore as many ways to this quietness as we can. Come along to one of my Reiki Courses and experience this peace and calm for yourself, here in the heart of the Pennines.

If you want to explore mindfulness through craft, then come and enjoy a half-day experience with me to learn to make something beautiful for you, alone or with a partner or friend. I offer half day courses to learn how to make a specific, special product to take home - a rose candle, a lavender balm, lemon soap. The details of all these experiences are on the Product Making for Beginners page.

This is not a mad scramble to teach everything to everyone so that they can go and start a business or stack a craft stall! No, it is a quiet day spent learning how to craft a candle for a ritual, a balm to calm and soothe, a soap to cleanse and refresh you. It is a course for people who want to live with thought, do things slowly, experience the moment. And you go home with all the skills you need to make more of your special item, and information on the herbs, essential oils and oils and waxes you've used.

If you want to do one of my half day craft courses, then email me to book a date to suit us both and then we arrange for payment. So simple, and I arrange everything personally to work for you. If you are coming from away, then I can offer information on local accommodation. Haworth is full of hotels, B&Bs and holiday lets at all price levels and we have fantastic restaurants and characterful pubs too! Not to mention heritage sites galore and beautiful scenery!

You won't find my courses on booking websites and they are written by me so you won't find another tutor who does the same course. I work from my Haworth cottage and share my own knowledge and experience.

I am a crystal healer too with a well-established Crystal Therapy course for beginners, and I am also planning some stunning half-day craft experiences to bring their energy into our daily lives, wardrobes and homes.

Reflexology Socks!

I've had a lot of consumer selling aimed at me lately, from trendy yoga leggings to reflexology socks and massaging devices with little wires like an egg beater. Now, I'm not going to buy any of this stuff but I enjoy hearing about it as it always gives me a good laugh because some of it is truly bizarre and the idea of actually picking it up and using it is hilarious.

On a more serious note, I'd like to talk about those flip flops with spiky insoles which call themselves reflexology footwear, and reflexology socks which have little bobbles on the soles. No way of avoiding this, they are nothing whatsoever to do with reflexology! It astonishes me that their makers and marketers think for one moment that a professional therapist would want to sell them to clients or indeed put a pair on themselves. But why not? After all, don't the little bobbles and spikes stimulate the reflexes and isn't that just the same as having a reflexology session with me? By that token, isn't a barefoot walk on a pebbly beach or a gravel driveway just the same as treatment with a reflexologist?

And here we are, straight into the world of the debunkers of reflexology. What is the difference?

Intention is the point of a reflexology treatment. We are not poking at a client's foot at random and everywhere at the same time, and the aim of reflexology is not only to provide direct physical stimulus to the reflexes. It is to achieve an energetic connection between the therapist and the client, and to achieve balance within the layers of the client's own person - mind, body, soul.

The reflexes are a map on the feet (and indeed hands and face) of the organs and tissues of the body. The reflexes reflect the energetic level of the client we are treating, and when we stimulate a reflex we bring the energies of that part of the person into balance to enable optimum function at all levels. By this I mean that we stimulate the lung reflex, for example, in order to aid respiration but also to help the client breathe easily at an emotional level and perhaps to clear emotions which may be held here. The therapist brings concentration on the treatment, focus on the client and compassion to the process, and this achieves a strong healing intention in the room. A successful reflexology treatment takes knowledge of the body, empathy, the ability to listen to the client's needs, and the technical ability to give good foot massage and effective and accurate stimulation to the reflexes.

Laughing apart, those socks and sandals and egg-whisky things are trivialising a deeply helpful and indeed sacred process - the therapy session. I thought it needed saying, in order to maintain the integrity of our work and to assert its value.

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