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Indian Head Massage Diploma Courses - 1 or 2 days, no A&P required

Indian Head Massage is a therapy in its own right as well as being a useful complement to Reiki and a good introduction to massage for beginners. It is a useful therapy to add on to body massage or reflexology and is also offered by hairdressers. My courses are accredited with several major professional bodies so you will be able to use this skill professionally - you can also insure direct online with Westminster Indemnity, who have made special arrangements for my students. You can also join 07. Prices and dates for all courses are on the Home Page. When you are ready to book, go along to 08 where you will find a drop down menu called Facial Massage and Facial Treatments Courses - options for day and evening courses are listed there. Check for dates first.

I am Sarah Collins and I am the trainer for all courses. I have been working for many years as a teacher and trainer and completed an Edexcel PTLLS Level 4 training qualification. I first learned Indian Head Massage over ten years ago and I have taught the London Therapists course for about six years. I wrote my own 2-day course to offer students the chance to develop their IHM skills in more depth and to learn more about Ayurveda.

Indian Head Massage is a lovely treat to offer your family and friends - originally Indian Head Massage was used in Indian homes to relax family members and help improve the condition of their hair and scalp. It is very popular with clients who will return time and again to find deep peace, which will help many issues.

Reiki-energy Accredited Indian Head Massage Advanced Diploma - two-day course

Our two-day course is suitable for beginners as well as for those who have experience of other therapies. I wrote it to bring more depth than is possible on the one-day course and you will learn about the use of traditional oils, the history and background of the therapy and a wider range of massage techniques to add to your skillset.

The course is recognised by for membership and by the Guild of Holistic Therapists for membership and insurance. It is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association.
The two-day course offers a variety of options for using the therapy - clients can be massaged on a normal chair or stool, on a special massage chair, or indeed on the couch.

You will also learn a self-massage routine you can use whenever you want to give yourself a lovely relaxing session to relax you and help your hair condition, whether it is dry and fly-away from the winter cold or suffering from too much sun and sea water after a holiday in the sunshine! Therapists need to care for themselves as well as others.

The two-day course covers the history and background of Indian Head Massage in depth and discusses the Ayurvedic basis of the therapy. We learn more about the chakras, nadis and marma points, and the subtle as well as the physical aspects of Indian Head Massage. This course introduces the use of oils into the massage, and we cover routines both with and without oils to use for yourself, for family and friends and on clients.

Learning Indian Head Massage is a good way to start building your own holistic therapy skills and develop a holistic therapy practice. If you are a Reiki Practitioner, introduce it to your Reiki clients and boost your practice! Encourage your clients to use some simple self-care techniques in between appointments to enhance their skin and scalp health and improve their sense of well-being - it will keep them coming to you regularly! You can gain professional indemnity insurance after doing this course so you will be able to use your skills professionally.

London Therapists Accredited Indian Head Massage Practitioner Diploma - one-day course

This 1-day Indian Head Massage Diploma course will teach you how to safely and effectively give a stress-busting massage to the neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Indian Head Massage is an extremely effective therapy that has evolved from traditional techniques practised in India as part of family rituals for over a thousand years. The technique taught is true to the original massage brought over to the UK from India.

The treatment involves massage through the clothes to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp, with the client remaining seated in an upright position. This massage works on particular areas of the body, especially the neck and the shoulders where stress affects major muscle groups, and it often brings immediate relief. Tensions are eased and fibrous knots and nodules melt away. The efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems improves, toxins are dispersed from tense muscles and flexibility and fluidity of movement is restored.

The one-day course does not include the history and background of Ayurveda, the use of oils in the massage or go into how to tailor the massage for individual client needs. It is a quality, accredited course and you will learn how to give the massage routine taught. It is accredited by the Guild of Holistic Therapists and by .

An Indian Head Massage lasts about 30 minutes

No previous experience of massage is required to do our Indian Head Massage courses and you do not have to have any massage or anatomy & physiology qualifications.

See the Home Page for dates and prices Click the link to email us with any questions or booking queries. If you book, your course will run. We never cancel because of low numbers and there will never be more than four students on your course! When you are ready to book email to arrange your place and to pay your deposit to secure it.

Indian Head Massage Courses. Library Image: Woman Headache

Luxe Head Massage with Warmed Oils (half-day course)

This course is exclusive to Reiki Energy and Yorkshire Massage & Beauty Courses, as I wrote it myself, for students who wanted to introduce a treatment which combined massage with an oil treatment for the hair. It is great for clients who have been sailing, swimming in salty water or swimming pools, spending lots of time in the sun or suffering from dry, brittle hair for any reason! This is a good complement to the skills of the massage therapist and beauty therapists find it offers a fantastic add-on to a facial treatment. Hairdressers who want to introduce a holistic element into their hair treatments use the techniques along with their specialist professional products, too.

The course is suitable for massage beginners, and we don't ask for an anatomy and physiology qualification as all the information you need is included in the course notes.

Head massage is a wonderfully relaxing, soothing and nurturing experience, and when you add warmed natural oils it turns into a real treat for your skin, hair and scalp too! Clients receive the Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils lying cuddled up on the couch, with optional warm mittens and bootees (nice on a cold winter’s day). The only clothing removed is their top, blouse or shirt and tie.

During the Luxe Head Massage with Warmed Oils the head is gently massaged and kneaded, and the movements continue down the neck, shoulders and upper arms to relieve stress, tension and everyday aches and pains. The massage finishes with movements to the face to relax lines and wrinkles away. The treatment is gentle, and the therapist can add essential oils in a burner along with mood music to help clients slide gently into total relaxation. The oils used are natural cold-pressed vegetable oils selected for their hair conditioning qualities - and of course, you can use your own specialist products for the hair and scalp.

At a physical level, head massage brings gentle stimulation to the muscles and soft tissues of the head, neck and shoulders and this will boost circulation in the area, soothe the nervous system, iron out areas of tension and encourage lymphatic drainage. When the massage ends you will have time to gently re-adjust to the world around you, get up in your own time and have a drink of water.

Our half-day Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils Diploma is insurable and accredited by for membership and insurance. You can also go to an independent broker such as Westminster Indemnity and you may also be able to add it to you existing policy if you are already a therapist or hairdresser. Check before booking.

The course includes:

Relevant Anatomy & Physiology



Properties and Uses of Oils

Making your own oil blends for treatments

Massage Techniques

Client Treatment Routine

Insurance and Professional Memberships


Sourcing oils and other products

Assessment is by tutor observation of your massage skills along with a short written test based on what you have learned on the day. Successful students receive their certificate on the day.

This course is a wonderful complement to our Spa Facial Therapy Diploma. It allows you to continue a facial massage to include the head, neck and shoulders whilst the client is lying on the couch. It is an excellent treatment to add onto facials or pedicure and foot treatments also. And naturally, it is a wonderful therapy in its own right!

When you are ready to book email us to arrange your place and pay your deposit to secure it.

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