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Ear Candling Practitioner Diploma Course

Prices and dates for all courses are on the Home Page. If you wish to book the Ear Candling course, please email to arrange your date and secure your place by paying your deposit.

Our Ear Candling/Thermo Auricular Therapy Practitioner Diploma course is accredited for membership and insurance by Guild of Holistic Therapists who have given it 10 CPD points for existing members. You can also insure through our recommended broker Westminster Indemnity.

The course is suitable for therapy beginners as well as for holistic therapists who wish to add to their skills. Anatomy & Physiology is NOT required as the course includes all the information you need to carry out the treatment safely.

The course includes a full ear candling routine using more than one brand of candle, so the course is not brand specific. You will learn to prepare the client for their treatment and carry out a consultation before the treatment. You will practise carrying out an ear candling session safely and then complete a consultation and treatment as part of your assessment. There is a short written test based on what you have learned. This meets the insurance requirements.

We use natural, organic and cruelty-free products in our treatments and you will be given details on how to get them to use in your own business.

Ear Candling is carried out on a couch, with the client normally lying on their side supported with pillows and cushions. The candle is lit safely away from the client, then gently placed just inside the ear canal. Heat funnels down inside the candle, then up again, a process known as ‘the chimney effect’. The moving air gives the ear drum a gentle massage and is believed to help regulate ear pressure. The client experiences a feeling of comforting warmth and hears the sizzling of the candle as it burns. Both ears are always worked with the candles.

The client lies back or reclines comfortably on the couch for their facial massage which includes massage cream or oils. Ear Candling is a deluxe, pampering option that your clients will return for again and again! It is a therapy which is popular with men as well as with women, and men are a growing market for salons and spas.

Take our Eastern Facial Massage course and combine Ear Candling with a wonderful facial massage that will make your treatments really stand out!

Background and Benefits of Ear Candling

Ear Candling has been used for thousands of years in different civilisations using different methods - the Native Americans, and many other ancient cultures valued the practice for both its energetic and physical benefits. It has been a popular therapy in salons and spas since it was introduced to Britain.

Clients tell us that it is relaxing, enhances their wellbeing and improves the comfort of their ears, nose and throat area. Ear candling is said to have important energetic benefits as it helps to clear the throat, third eye and crown chakras – in Native American and other cultures, smudging with smoke is used to cleanse the aura.

Ear Candling is not a substitute for medical treatment and clients with pain in their ears, blocked sinuses or other symptoms should be advised to see their doctor.

Ear candles are hollow tubes of waxed cotton and they contain a safety filter. There are many different brands of candles, and both essential oils and herbs may be included by the maker, which means that you can offer your clients a choice which is appropriate to their needs and preferences.

What does the course include?

The course includes:

  • What is Ear Candling? What are the candles like? (We use more than one brand)
  • Benefits of Ear Candling
  • Benefits of Face Massage
  • Contraindications to treatment with ear candles and face massage
  • Face Massage Basics – structure of the facial bones and muscles, skin
  • Ear Basics – anatomy and physiology of the ears
  • Equipment used in Ear Candling, Therapist Etiquette and the Therapy Room
  • The client consultation and recording your Ear Candling treatment
  • Carrying out the ear candling routine
  • Carrying out the face massage routine
  • Client reactions and feedback

    The course fee includes the use of at least two different types of ear candles on the day as well as a manual containing all the information you need to practise the therapy. This means that our course is not brand specific and you will have a free choice of which products to buy for your own use. You will receive supplier information for ear candles, facial oils and massage cream and the other equipment and disposables used in the treatment.

    The Ear Candling Practitioner Diploma is insurable for professional practice through our own brokers Westminster Indemnity as well as with , an exciting professional body for therapists who are committed to natural and cruelty-free products. Existing therapists may be able to add it to their insurance policy but please check with your provider direct.

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