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Foot Reflexology Diploma

Prices and dates for all course are on the Home Page. If you wish to book a Reflexology course, please email us to arrange your place and how to pay your deposit.

The Foot Reflexology Practitioner Diploma is recognised by the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists if you take their online anatomy & physiology and professional standards courses, available through us. You can book reflexology as a package with these two courses at a discounted price.

The practical element of the Foot Reflexology Practitioner Diploma course is two intensive days of practical training leading to your college diploma. Assessment is by short written test plus a consultation and client treatment. The original Reflexology courses taught in the UK were short ones and our course keeps up the tradition of straightforward, practical training which is accessible for everyone. It is affordable and accessible to busy students with families and full-time jobs.

Our reflexology training is accredited for membership of Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists including professional insurance. You can also insure direct with Westminster Indemnity - apply online! Simple and easy to do and exclusive to my students! You can choose to join the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists if you add on their online Anatomy & Physiology and Professional Standards courses - contact me if you would like to arrange this extra theory training. If you are already a Guild member and have A&P and PS then you can claim 26 CPD points.

On the two-day Reflexology practical training element you will learn all of the zones and reflex areas, the hand positions and techniques. You will be taught to carry out a full consultation, assess the feet and give a session to clients using the full range of reflexology techniques and covering all the reflexes. Your assessment consists of giving a full reflexology session suitable for your client on the final day, along with a short written test.

If you like working with feet, we offer manicure and pedicure courses. You could also add on our Hot Stone Reflexology treatment, a one-day course!

Practical Course content:

◦History of Reflexology
◦Foot Basics - describing the feet, common problems with feet
◦Lateral Zones of the Feet and Cross Reflexes
◦The Spine and the Foot
◦The Foot Reflexes – mapping the body
◦Contraindications to treatment
◦The consultation and recording your reflexology treatment
◦Reading the Feet
◦Techniques – Relax and Warm
◦Techniques – Caterpillar etc.,
◦Giving a full workout of the reflexes
◦Techniques – Cool Down and Close
◦The Healing Crisis
◦Client reactions and feedback

You will receive a course manual containing all the information covered on the course along with a laminated set of Reflexology charts to guide you in your practice. Everything that you need to carry out the reflexology sessions during the course is provided for you and we give you suppliers’ lists so you can source and purchase everything you need to start working after the course.

We are now offering an insurable Practitioner Diploma in Hand Reflexology accredited with the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists! A useful complement to the skills of the reflexologist, nail technician or manicurist as well as being a therapy in its own right!

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Maternity Reflexology (one day, for qualified reflexologists)

The aim of this course is to show reflexologists how to support clients through conception and pregnancy. We will also look at techniques to help clients who are having conception difficulties or infertility and those who have suffered pregnancy loss.

In order to do the course you will need to have completed a reflexology course at NOS level 3 or above which includes A&P. Our own Reflexology Diploma PLUS A&P is suitable, and so are the qualifications at this level offered by other providers of reflexology training.

We will cover:

  • Changes in the mother’s body in each of the three trimesters
  • Reflexology techniques for use through the pregnancy
  • Common health issues which may occur during pregnancy, and reflexology techniques to support the client
  • Possible causes and issues in infertility and reflexology techniques to help the couple
  • Miscarriage – reflexology techniques to support the couple
  • Lifestyle advice, dealing with stress and anxiety, eating well, releasing unhelpful habits to ensure a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth
  • Self-help techniques for the pregnant woman
  • Reflexology balms, lotions and massage cream along with advice on using essential oils in pregnancy (they are found in many mum and baby products)
  • Carrying out a consultation with a pregnant client
  • Follow up records for the pregnant client
  • Students will carry out complete treatments for the pregnant client, based on the consultation form information (role play)
  • Aftercare for the pregnant client

    Assessment is by short written test and an observed full reflexology treatment.

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    Hot Stone & Gem Reflex Therapy - 2 days for qualified reflexologists and foot workers

    Reflexology has become a popular complementary therapy in the UK and both Hot Stone and Crystal Therapy are valuable skills to enhance a reflexologist's skill set.

    This course combines the use of pressure on the reflexes with the use of appropriate hot stones and crystals which vibrate with the subtle energies of the person to add to the balancing and healing effects of the treatment. You will learn how to heat and manage the hot stones, how to select gems and crystals for chakra and other layouts, and how to use gems and crystals to work the reflexes.

    Our two-day course is for qualified reflexologists and for therapists who have completed the Thai Foot Reflex course.

    The course includes:

    Revision of Foot Basics - describing the feet, common problems with feet

    The Spine and the Foot

    Major Chakras and the Feet

    Choosing your Crystals

    Crystal Layouts

    Hot Stone Reflex - benefits

    Contraindications to treatment

    Equipment – managing your hot stones, clearing and using gems and crystals

    The consultation and recording your reflexology treatment

    Reading the Feet

    Revise Techniques – relax and warm

    Revise Techniques – caterpillar etc

    Giving a full treatment of the reflexes using hot stones and gems

    Techniques – cool down and close

    The Healing Crisis

    Client reactions and feedback


    Buying gemstones and crystals

    Buying a hot stone heater/heating bag and hot and cold stones

    The course is recognised by for insurance and membership or see Westminster Indemnity for a stand-alone insurance option.

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