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Reiki, Holistic Therapies and Beauty Training

In historic Haworth, in the heart of West Yorkshire - healing and growing your skills in tune with nature. Come and learn holistic therapies in a period cottage in the heart of the village! Lots of lovely accommodation available locally - contact Our local tourist information centre

Reiki, Aromatherapy, Massage & Beauty Training in Haworth, West Yorkshire - click on the link to email. Convenient for Keighley and Bradford clients and students!

Reiki-energy is a holistic training school offering Reiki healing, aromatherapy, massage and beauty in Haworth, West Yorkshire - convenient for Keighley, Bingley and other towns in the Bradford area. I offer a wide range of accredited training in Reiki, holistic therapies and natural beauty. Reiki-energy is convenient for students and clients from the Bradford and West Yorkshire area, in a convenient location with easy parking and within walking distance of the Keighley and Worth Valley steam railway station. There is also a bus service from Keighley to Haworth, with a convenient stop nearby!

Men and women are equally welcome.

Returning students receive 10% off all subsequent courses(offer excludes already discounted packages)

I offer one to one teaching with no supplement if you bring a model to practise on.

Booking and Paying for your Course

If you are booking a course from the list on this page, then email me to arrange your place and pay your deposit. Feel free to ask me more about the course before you decide.

If a course says 'on demand' or 'by arrangement' it means that I will arrange to teach you one to one on a date that suits you. You must bring a model to practise on but I don't charge extra! (Your model must be a healthy adult aged over 18 - if in doubt check as there must be no health contraindications). If you book one to one and cannot bring a model then the course will not go ahead.

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Reiki Training - accredited for insurance

Reiki 1 Shoden - £150 - 20 July 2019 OR 1 October 2019
Reiki 2 Okuden - £180 - 21 July 2019 OR 8 October 2019

Book Reiki 1 & 2 together and take them on these dates for £299! (This means you can take Reiki 1 in July and Reiki 2 in October.)

I am an independent Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, not tied to any organisation or other school. My Reiki courses are accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. I use my own course materials supplemented by books and other teaching aids and I plan and teach Reiki classes with love and care. Backed by over 10 years' experience of teaching Reiki!

Reiki 3 Shinpiden or Master Teacher Level - £500 - contact me to arrange dates. The training is two days.

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Friends and Family Courses

Holistic Therapies are a wonderful way of sharing touch and spending quality time with your partner, family and friends! I offer a selection of personal development courses including Couples Holistic Massage, Couples Reflexology, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage and 'Lotions and Potions' Stillroom Skills! I teach only one couple at a time so this is a fantastic way to celebrate a special occasion! See the special page for details and prices.

Holistic Therapy Training (no Anatomy & Physiology required)

Indian Head Massage (Beauty Guild accredited)- 1 day/2 eves - £175 - next course - 21 October 2019 ****
Thai Foot Massage (Beauty Guild accredited, manual massage techniques) - 1 day/2 eves - £175- 9 October 2019
Indian Head Massage - 2 days (Beauty Guild and CMA accredited) - £225 - dates by arrangement, please email me
Thai Foot Reflex Massage (introducing the Thai Foot Stick) Beauty Guild and CMA accredited) - 2 days - £225 - dates by arrangement
Japanese Hand Massage (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day/2 eves - £175 - 2 October 2019****
Eastern Facial Massage (Beauty Guild Accredited) - 1 day/2 eves - £195 - 4 October 2019****
Chinese Foot and Hand Massage (WI Insurable) - 1 day - £175 - by arrangement
Ayurveda Indian Facial Treatments (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day - £175 - 14 October 2019
Ayurveda Foot Massage (Padabhyanga) WI Insurable Course - with the Kaashi bowl - 1 day - £175 - 9 October 2019
Ear Candling (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day/2 eves - £175 - 12 October 2019
Crystal Therapy (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day - £175.00 - 15 October 2019
Beautiful Backs Course (WI Insurable) - 1 day - £175 - 11 October 2019

**** The one-day Indian Head, Thai Foot, Japanese Hand and Eastern Facial Courses can be combined to make up Holistic Pro, a package priced at £650! All four courses must be booked and paid for together.

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Holistic Therapies (Prices are standalone practical and also package with A&P if needed)

Holistic Massage (Beauty Guild Accredited) - 2 days - £350 ( £550 with A&P online) - by arrangement
Aromatherapy Massage (Beauty Guild Accredited) - 3 days - £530 (£755 with online A&P) - next course 24, 25, 26 June 2019
Ayurveda Massage (Beauty Guild accredited) - 2 days - £470 (£695 with online A&P - by arrangement
Hot Stone Massage (Beauty Guild accredited) - 1 day £195 (£399 with online A&P) - by arrangement
Thai Hot Herbal PLUS Body Massage Package (includes A&P and Professional Standards online) - £630 - by arrangement
Foot Reflexology (Beauty Guild accredited) - 2 days - £575 including A&P and Professional Standards online, £355 stand alone practical training - 15 & 16 July OR 22 & 23 October 2019
Hand Reflexology (Beauty Guild accredited) - 2 days - £575 including A&P and Professional Standards online, £355 stand alone practical training - 24 & 25 October 2019

Our reflexology courses are accredited by Beauty Guild IF you do their Anatomy & Physiology and Professional Standards qualifications, which we offer as part of a package. You may already have an equivalent qualification already which is sufficient. Ask me for details.

Specialist Training for Therapists (A&P and Holistic, Swedish or Body Massage are required before booking)

Anatomy & Physiology Online Course - £238.80 - offered via Guild of Holistic Therapists/Beauty Guild to NOS level 3
Professional Standards Online Course - £58.80 - offered via Guild of Holistic Therapists/Beauty Guild to NOS level 3
Thai Hot Herbal Compress Treatments - £195 - By arrangement
Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy - £195 - by arrangement
Japanese Hot Stone Therapy - £195 for therapists with A&P - by arrangement
Pregnancy Massage (includes essential oils advice) - £195 - next course by arrangement
Maternity Reflexology - £195 - next course 5 October 2019
Deep Tissue Massage - £195 - next course by arrangement
Moroccan Candle Massage Course -£225 - whole day course by arrangement (includes making your own candles to take home)

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Daytime Beauty Therapy Training (no A&P required)

Holistic Manicure (Guild Accredited) - 1 day - £175 - next course 16 October 2019
Holistic Pedicure (Guild Accredited) - 1 day - £175 - next course 17 October 2019
Gel Polish Manicure (Guild Accredited) - 1 day - £175 - 18 October 2019
UV Gel Nail Extensions (Westminster Indemnity Accredited) - 1 day - £175, date by arrangement
Manicure & Pedicure (Guild Accredited) - 1 day - £195 - Just gone! Dates by arrangement
Paraffin Wax Manicure (Westminster Indemnity Accredited) - 1 day (paraffin wax, warmed oils, French polish, simple nail art) - £150 - contact me to arrange a date.
Basic Facial Treatments (Insurable for practice)- using natural, vegan products - 1 day - £165 - by arrangement
Holistic Facial Treatments (Guild Accredited) - 2 days - £295 - by arrangement
Waxing (Guild Accredited) - 1 day - £150 -by arrangement
Makeup for Professional Use (Guild Accredited) - 1 day - £220 -by arrangement (10 am to 4 pm, can be combined with Lash & Brow)
Lash & Brow Tinting & Shaping - £125 - by arrangement
Face the World Facial Diploma (Guild Accredited) - 1 day (supplier specific course). See the Face the World website for more information about this unique company and the Face the World Signature Facial and associated mini-holistic treatments. 7 OCTOBER 2019

Half-Day Beauty and Holistic Therapy Training

Lash & Brow Treatments (Shaping & Tinting) Guild Accredited - half day - £125 - 19 February 2019 - evening course 7 - 10pm.
Mineral Makeup - half day - £125 - contact me to arrange a date for your training

Your tutor in Haworth

Sarah is an experienced holistic therapist and holistic beautician. She is a full member of the Beauty Guild. She has a professional interest in feet and is qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner with level 4 NCFE - you benefit from this expertise on her pedicure, foot therapy and reflexology training!

Reiki Energy is a College Member of the Complementary Medical Association.

Sarah offers the popular Beauty Guild GTI accredited courses (including A&P), but Sarah has also designed and written courses which have gained the Beauty Guild accreditation, a badge of pride for her. These courses are exclusive to Reiki Energy.

Sarah is an experienced teacher and trainer with the Edexcel PTLLS Level 4 training qualification. She is a fully-qualified Dru Yoga teacher and member of the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) with specialist training in yoga for back care, pregnancy yoga and yoga for kids and teens! Her Pregnancy Massage and Ayurveda-based courses draw on this extra knowledge and experience.

The practitioner training is approved for membership and insurance by several professional bodies. Courses are held regularly and we never cancel for lack of numbers. If you are successful and meet our standards, you get your certificate on the day and can arrange insurance online straight away - just click Westminster Indemnity Insurance. We do recommend you shop around for the best insurance deal!

If you wish to join the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists then click on Beauty Guild Membership Page.

Click on the link to email!

Have a look at reiki-energy facebook for more news, offers and information about natural health and beauty.

Interested in pregnancy and birthing? Sarah offers insurable training in Maternity Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage in Haworth! (Sarah is also a Pregnancy Yoga teacher and this is a specialist area of interest for her).

Want to work with a doula? My friend Leisa offers her Transform Your Birth Online service for parents who need a personal but flexible option! A unique one-to-one education and support program designed to transform your birth experience. This process will delve deep into your desires, fears and what might be holding you back. Working through this personalised program will ensure you are placed firmly at the centre of your birth preparation so that you will be ready to step into the birth that is right for you with clarity and confidence.

Visit Face the World for training in the FTW Signature Facial, Moroccan Candlelight Massage and much more! You can also book Face the World courses direct with Sarah, combining holistic facials with short holistic massage courses. This gives you access to exclusive natural products for your therapy business.

We are in a convenient location for students from throughout West Yorkshire and Lancashire - Keighley, Bingley, Shipley, Skipton, Nelson, Colne, Hebden Bridge, Todmorden and the surrounding villages. There are trains and buses available as well as convenient parking.

Are you coming from a distance, travelling internationally or doing one of our longer courses? Haworth is a major tourist centre so there are lots of good hotels, pubs with rooms and bed and breakfast options. Go along to Our local tourist information centre for details of what is on offer - you can book direct from the website. The cottage where you will have your course is in the centre of the village so there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and character pubs for your lunch or evening meal. Haworth is a lively village, with regular events throughout the year including 1940s and 1960s weekends, Scroggling the Holly, carol services and guided walks in the surrounding countryside.

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