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Hot Stone Massage Course

Hot Stone Therapy Diploma - one day (plus A&P Distance Learning if you don't already have it*)

Our course is accredited for membership and insurance with the Beauty Guild. You can also insure directly with Westminster Indemnity, who offer a special deal for my students. Prices and dates for the course are on the @05.

Hot Stone Massage is extremely popular with clients and it is priced at a significantly higher level than other therapies, making it a very worthwhile treatment to offer. I teach Japanese anma techniques which enable you to give a deep, relaxing massage with techniques designed for use with hot stones as this is part of the ancient Japanese tradition of massage.

Hot Stone therapy has profound physiological effects as the state of deep relaxation achieved in massage encourages rejuvenation of the whole being. The warmth also encourages very deep relaxation, and has a calming effect on the client's mind. They say that one massage stroke performed with the stones is the same as three done with the hand! It is a powerful massage. Cold stones are used to balance the client at the end of the treatment.

This course gives you a grounding in the way that stone therapy works on the energy systems of the whole body and also looks at the body meridian systems and how the massage assists with total health and well being. The focus is on using the hot and cold stones with Japanese Anma massage techniques to carry out a full body massage. You will learn how to manage the process of heating, cooling and caring for the magical volcanic and marble stones used in the therapy. We cover the use of both the traditional water heater and the Vulsini bag method on the course.

You will need an anatomy & physiology qualification at Level 3 in order to carry out Hot Stone Therapy. We offer an online, distance learning course via the Beauty Guild/Guild of Holistic Therapists. This is done in the comfort of your home with no stressful, public examinations. Once you have completed this A&P course you will be able to do any of our body massage courses.

*If you already have a recognised massage or reflexology qualification or you are a yoga teacher then you have probably done enough A&P - contact us with any enquiries.

Course content:
o Hygiene, health and safety
o Relevant anatomy and physiology
o Products and equipment required
o Consultation procedures
o Contra-indications to treatment
o Energising and care of stones - the nature of Ki
o Massage sequence using traditional Japanese anma techniques
o Yin & Yang Theory
o The Twelve Meridians
o The Five Elements
o Client aftercare

When you are ready to book, email us to arrange your place and pay your deposit.

Thai Compress Massage with Herbs

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage is part of the ancient traditions of Thai Massage. It combines massage with oils, herbs and heat to produce a deeply relaxing treatment which improves energy flow and brings about a sense of wellbeing.

The Thai compresses are actually donuts of Thai herbs wrapped in cotton, and tied ingeniously to form a handle to help the massage therapist apply appropriate pressure. They are soaked in water, then heated in a special steamer to a comfortable temperature for massage.

Thai massage is part of the ayurvedic tradition, and the massage techniques used help remove blockages in the flow of lom or vital energy to restore the natural balance of the person in mind, body and spirit. Thai healing uses the ayurvedic ideas of the doshas or types, and recognises that we are all a unique combination of the tridoshas, the three types. The oils for your massage are chosen to suit your type, and are an important element in the treatment. The herbs are a combination selected and made into the donuts by expert Thai herbalists.

The treatment works on a physical level to relax the muscles and stimulate the flow of blood, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the them. Thai Hot Herbal Massage is an excellent treatment for sportspeople or gardeners with stiff, sore muscles. It is relaxing and so is a good way of helping stress or anxiety, and can bring relief for people with general aches and pains. The herbs in the compress are carefully chosen to help relax and soothe tiredness and tension, in the Thai traditions of herbal massage.

The oils and herbs used in the massage will help desquamate and remove old, dead skin cells, nourishing the skin and helping its condition.

Our Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage Diploma is suitable for therapists who already have Anatomy & Physiology and Body or Holistic or Swedish Massage training. You may also take the course if you have completed our Ayurveda Indian Body Massage Diploma course plus online A&P. Contact me if you need to do A&P as we can arrange it.

If you need to do a massage course, then we offer a package which includes A&P and Professional Standards modules online with one day of intensive Body Massage training plus the Thai Hot Herbal Massage course - contact me for details.

To insure, go direct to a broker contact Westminster Indemnity who offer a special deal to our students or approach your existing insurer. Prices and dates for all courses are on the @05.

When you are ready to book your course, email us to arrange a date and pay your deposit.

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Himalayan Salt Stone & Crystal Therapy Course

Our full body Himalayan Salt Stone course is an exciting new treatment which combines the benefits of heated stones with the unique qualities of Himalayan salt.

The warm Himalayan Salt Stones deeply relax the client and help balance the central nervous system. They are hand carved salt crystals from one of the most pristine environments in the world – salt caves deep below the Himalayan Mountains.

The massage treatment combines Ayurvedic massage techniques, thermal therapy, salt therapy, marma point pressure work and the healing qualities of crystals and gemstones.

The salt stones and hot rocks are warmed dry and are used to massage the client, and to lay on strategic points and in specific combinations to balance the body's energy pathways and electromagnetic field. This results in very deep relaxation and may improve sleep and reduce inflammation in addition to mild detoxification and exfoliation. The crystals are used in layouts to provide a layer of subtle and spiritual healing to the client.

The heat from the hot stones penetrates to a deeper level than we can achieve with manual massage, bringing about physiological changes as well as influencing the body's internal energy flow (prana) – this brings about rebalance to the whole person.

The Himalayan Salt stones can also be chilled and used cold, and this brings a different range of benefits. Cold stones are excellent to ease decongestion e.g. deep tissue inflammation or sinus problems. They assist the reduction of erythema (redness) and soothe irritation which may occur to sensitive skins during a hot stone treatment. They are delicious on a hot day, and one or two stones used at the end of a treatment will help a client come gently back to themselves.

Massage is a perfect way to nurture our bodies and ourselves. Incorporating stones and crystals into a treatment enhances the power of this contact.

The course includes:

  • Consultation and Client Recordkeeping

  • Equipment required for the treatment

  • Preparing to give the treatment – arranging your couch, stones, heater, oils

  • Advice on insurance, marketing and sourcing supplies

  • Health and Safety

  • Benefits and contraindications

  • History and Background of Himalayan Salt Stone

  • Introduction to Ayurveda and energetic healing

  • Ayurvedic techniques used in Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy

  • Full Himalayan Salt Stone routine for use with clients

  • Adapting Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy to suit your clients

  • Carrier oils used in the treatment and their properties

  • Using the Vulsini Hot Stone Heating Bag and other methods for heating and cooling the Himalayan Salt Stones

  • Use of all oils, towels and other equipment on the course day

    PLEASE NOTE – students must have an Anatomy & Physiology qualification and a knowledge of Holistic or Swedish Massage before attending this course. We can offer online and short courses to help you fulfil this requirement – please ask for details.

    Westminster Indemnity offer insurance to my students on good terms. If you are already a therapist, do check with your existing provider.

    When you are ready to book, email to confirm the date and arrange to pay your deposit.

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